This venture would not be possible without the encouragement of dear friends and family, cheers to-

Melinda, "LoveStock's Ambassador", who begged me to make tallow products to sell at her acupuncture wellness center to help treat skin issues and give her clients an alternative to toxic, commercial skin care (her vision became my quest)

My ironman uncle John for creating the "Karmic Cow" logo and all the labels, taking the time to understand my vision and turn it into art 

Amy, photographer and friend (above right), who executed the product and personal photos for the site and made the Karmic Cow smile in its element- alpine meadows

Amy, abdominal massage (Chi nei tsang) practitioner, who encouraged me to share tallow and was ready with vanilla infused jojoba when I didn't even know I needed it

Rocky & Kim who helped with naming the brand and were very clear that I would be missing an opportunity by not naming it "Molly's Meat Mask" 

My sister Susan, a product chemist and certified health coach, who loved the bare bones goodness of PROOF from the beginning

My Mom for her patience, attention to detail, and command of the English language which helped me find the words to describe myself (!) and helped me put my semi-colons in the right place

My Dad for offering business building wisdom of the ages right down to the mechanics of my mixer  

My husband Brendan (who made it clear from the start, he can not stand lotion...CHUBB is now his favorite) for hearing me brainstorm about LoveStock and for taking care of the kids on the weekends so I could make batches 1-12 in attempts to perfect a certain product.