Meet LoveStock Derma-care

The first ingredient in our products is TALLOW rendered from 100% grass-fed, certified organic cows. Tallow is unparalleled in its ability to calm eczema/inflammation and nourish healthy skin. We intentionally select ingredients to complement tallow that are certified organic, unrefined, low in typical allergens, and bodacious-ly botanical! We offer beauty and whole body creams, and other varietals e.g. a mountain man's face stick, honey face cleanser, and a tallow-free must-have face oil!
LoveStock is hand-crafted in the mountain town of South Lake Tahoe by an eco-conscious, scientifically-minded, and care-filled mother. WELCOME! 



 LoveStock Derma-care is proud to have donated a portion of its earnings to Beyond Celiac every year since 2017!