Mission & Promise

LoveStock’s Mission is to provide nourishment (food) for your body’s largest organ: SKIN- all 25 square feet of it!

Many of you avoid processed food and seek out grass-fed meats and non-GMOs. We bring that same mentality forward to skin care when we choose our ingredients: 100% grass-fed tallow, kernel butters, and botanical oils so fresh you can consume them. Within 30 seconds of application to your skin, cosmetic ingredients enter your bloodstream and become part of you.

LoveStock’s Promise to you is that our ingredients are:

Free from typical allergens: gluten, nuts, soy, milk

We intentionally select ingredients that are not derived from typical allergens. Our products are prepared with care in a gluten-free zone. If you or your child suffers from allergenic sensitivities of any kind, you are in our minds and hearts as we prepare our products. Please check our ingredients before use.

Free from refining

ALL of our ingredients are unrefined. Refining includes bleaching, caustically removing vitamins and minerals, and deodorizing. Refining, a chemical process, often uses hexane as a solvent. Hexane is an extract of crude oil and is known for its long term toxicity. The refining process strips out the proteins that trigger a protective immune response; the denatured ingredient is often what causes a skin reaction. 

Free from preservatives

Because all our oils contain anti-microbial/septic/fungal properties, we trust their stability. We select robust oils that are not hyper-sensitive to light and heat. Many "natural" products use vitamin E oil as a preservative but we did not because it is often derived from soy. 

Free from synthetic fragrance and scents

We rely on botanical aromas to deliver an authentic scent: beeswax in BUZZ, jojoba oil infused with organic vanilla seed pods in PLUMP, and organic essential oils

Organically certified

If an ingredient is obtainable as certified organic, we have it- 97% certified organic and 3% wildcrafted. 

Pure enough for children*

We choose each ingredient carefully. No chemical ingredients are present in our products. Each ingredient is chosen to be safe and healthy for all skin, including pregnant mamas.

 Eco-friendly jarring and packaging

Our tin jars do not leach into the product like plastic ones can. The tin is fully reusable or recyclable. PLUMP and CHUBB come in a bio-based paperboard and cork tube lined with bio-wax manufactured by our favorite safe sunscreen Avasol. Shipping materials are carefully selected and 100% biodegradable. 

* Essential oils (EOs) are not recommended in large quantities for children below the age of 7. PROOF and BUZZ are free from EOs.

Making the wisdom that is tallow-based derma-care accessible for all. ~Molly

LoveStock Derma-care is proud to have donated a portion of its earnings to Beyond Celiac in 2017. See why in My Story