My Story

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LoveStock's tallow-based products are handcrafted by Molly Ferry in the mountain town of South Lake Tahoe, California. I am a botanist/ecologist (B.S. botany, M.S. plant ecology) by trade and have worked for 15 years evaluating alpine meadows and grazing impacts in the Sierra Nevada. I am passionate about all things grass-fed, right down to the grass species those grazers are eating! High Sierra meadow systems have since become second to my main kitchen.

I am a proud wife and mother of two young children, ages 4 & 6...Our family changed our diet to gluten-free when our daughter, at 21 months of age, was diagnosed with celiac disease. I became interested in homemade skin care when I found wheat gluten accompanied by known carcinogens in our hair and skin products. I revamped all that we consumed, especially via our body's largest organ- skin. 

During kitchen escapades in 2013, I learned to render tallow from beef fat to heal eczema. Initially, it sounded wild but it turned out to be the silver bullet to quickly heal my child’s eczema and dry “Tahoe skin” as well as my own imperfections.

Healing of all kinds inspires me so I experimented with blending tallow with unrefined, organic oils & butters. Now I sell my products locally at an acupuncture wellness center, natural food store, and eclectic boutique. I heard so many success stories from friends in and around our town of South Lake Tahoe, that I just had to share this novel approach to skin care with others. It's my way of participating in the cycle of healing. 

When I am not at home caring for my babes, I do botanical and ecological work through my own business. I practice Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga to balance out my active life as a whole-hearted mom who happens to whip tallow into products I truly believe in. 

A note on celiac:

Going gluten free was pivotal for our daughter upon diagnosis of celiac but supplying her with nourishing traditional foods inspired by the Weston A. Price Foundation and author, Sally Fallon- homemade bone broths, cod liver oil, fermented foods and raw dairy products changed everything! Within one month my daughter's nutrient and vitamin levels were back to normal (expected recovery is 6-12 months). That was HUGE- experiencing results that you can see and hug in your child.  

Bringing the traditional foods philosophy to the outer layers was the next step. Her skin is very sensitive. Eczema is the way her gut expresses inflammation. Tallow is high in vitamins A,D,E,K (just like her cod liver oil). We experienced the same success with her skin using tallow, as we did with her diet change. I cracked the nut. How could I not share this wild, overnight success story of her skin, with the world?

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After this experience with our daughter and then giving birth to a son that was also diagnosed with celiac disease, I knew I needed the strongest beauty cream I could dream up. Thank you for letting me share all of it- from healing creams for the whole body to nourishing beauty cream.  – Now we all can sport the healthiest laugh lines ever.

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