Team Heal™

$ 44.00 $ 52.00

When that skin issue or dryness just won't quit: give it the 1-2 punch of PROOF™ Skin Ailments 4 oz & BUZZ™ Soothing Wax Shield 2 oz! Apply alternately and experience relief! More relief than any other salve or goo on the market! Gems for your first aid and purse. Get back to the basics and don't look back with effective, edible, from-the-earth ingredients. LoveStock's first two products and they are pure magic, healing and assisting hard to conquer issues: Chapped Lips/Eczema/Split Cuticles/Dermatitis/Blemishes/Cuts/Dry Climbers' Hands/Rashes/Rosacea/Acne/Scars/Working Hands/Dry Skin

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