Whole Shebang™

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Todos. All of it. Each and every one of LOVESTOCK™'s products! 

1 x 4 oz PROOF™ Skin Aliments as your workhorse cream

1 x 2 oz BUZZ™ Soothing Wax Shield to spot treat blemishes & for working hands

1 x 4 oz RICH™ Whole Body for full body indulgence

1 x 2 oz SUPREME™ Facial Cream as uber-nourishing beauty cream

1 x 1 oz SPLENDOR™ Face Oil/ Oil Cleanser for oiling-up your skin regime

1 x 2 oz AGLOW™ Honey Face Mask/Cleanser for honey enriched cleanser

1 x 1 oz PLUMP™ Facial Cream Stick for on-the-go touch ups 

1 x 1 oz CHUBB™ Face and Beard Stick because any man NEEDS this

1 x 2 oz PISTIL™ Plant Mask for bi-weekly masking benefits


Fine tune your cosmetic cabinet!

Literally throw out the vaseline, bag balm, pump tanks of lotion squirting preservatives and toxic emulsifiers; beauty creams with fluffy language and empty promises. Replace them with a line of skin care so fresh you could eat it, so powerful you will never traipse the cosmetic aisle pining for a miracle fix ever again. Once you go edible, with a keen focus on healthy saturated fats for skin, you never go back.