Sometimes Life Hands You a Mission

Many people ask me what inspired me to found LoveStock™ Derma-care?

Well I’ve been there, at rock bottom with life, health and skin, in fact, that moment was seminal to the brand. When I went from a perfectly employed botanical consultant and new mother to dropping it all.

My daughter suffered with eczema related to undiagnosed celiac when she was 20 months old. Celiac is an auto-immune disease triggered by even a dusting of gluten. Our whole kitchen and lifestyle needed a re-vamp. I was willing to do anything to help her thrive and that meant new everything from cosmetics to cutting boards. During that time, I stumbled upon rendering tallow from beef fat to calm skin inflammation (e.g. eczema). It worked!  

It was so effective, I just had to share. From then on, anything that connected me to people that cared about what we put in and on our bodies, was where I needed to be as a mother. It was almost as if an outside force was propelling me towards the new path. I wanted to share healing, to help people that had nowhere else to turn, like myself. 

I participate in the cycle of healing so I can receive that good karma back for my daughter. Every time I help resolve a customer’s skin issue, or can help them in any way, I am karmically closer to healing celiac in my child. I truly believe that. Healing celiac in my child and then sharing that healing process with the world is LoveStock™'s penultimate mission. 

LoveStock™ continues to donate a portion of its proceeds to celiac research at Beyond Celiac every year. They are pushing for a cure which is what the celiac community needs. Being celiac is so much more than just being gluten free. There are psychological and socioeconomic issues involved in addition to the physical reactions that endure for months. Celiac is the most underfunded digestive disease and Beyond Celiac is working to change that. 

I launched the website in 2015 and I still feel a strong calling to perform straight up voodoo in my kitchen. My favorite muses are tallow and raw honey. I also love to experiment with home remedies particularly hacks to boost the immune system and/or stoke digestive health.

I’ve formulated the products to be effective at combatting aging and supporting an outdoor based wild life. Which can be tough for skin, think- full sun and freezing temperatures. It continues to soothe every need our family has and the greater Lake Tahoe community's needs as well. 

"To stay rooted in LoveStock™'s deep-seated mission, to heal celiac, I practice Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga to balance out my active lifestyle as a whole-hearted mom who happens to whip tallow and honey into products I truly believe in."- Molly Jean, Found of LoveStock™ 

*photo by Amy Leist Photography


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Darcie Erickson Aube

Do your products need refrigeration ?
Curious my products shipped with a cute little cold pack !
Just tried the AGLOW … Wow it’s super amazing!
My skin so soft it like baby skin
Truly remarkable
Can’t wait to try the rest of my products….
Hats off to you so glad I found you
Thank you

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