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Summer Skin Newsflash

Summer means skin (and hair!) is exposed and being battered by the elements! Use ancient skin wisdom to repair and replenish your skin's natural barrier system with LoveStock's tallow. Take charge of calloused heels with a pair of old socks and a thick layer of REPLENISH™ Bodycream! Layer your perma-grin with BUZZ™ Soothing Wax Shield! Oil up your bendy parts (elbows and knees) with PROOF™ Ailment Relief. There is nothing at TJMaxx, Alta, drugstores or online that compares! Can’t wait to ‘Stock You Up! In Health, mj

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What is Food Grade Beauty?

Every ingredient is in its raw, unrefined, most nutrient dense form.

So it speaks to the skin.

Just like the food you eat. 

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