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Seasonal Shift

The simplification of LoveStock's product line is now complete. A scaling back, a coming home to our most effective and first 2 products- PROOF™ Skin Ailment Relief & BUZZ™ Soothing Wax Shield. A versatile pair that boosts ✅skin hydration⁣ ✅pliability⁣ ✅barrier defense⁣ ✅repair⁣. So effective, we just had to share eight years ago and into 4eva. In Health, xo mj


What is Food Grade Beauty?

Every ingredient is in its raw, unrefined, most nutrient dense form.

So it speaks to the skin.

Just like the food you eat. 

I love slathering SUPREME™ Facial Cream on at night and waking up with soft, dewy skin. I only wish I could have started using LOVESTOCK™ earlier in my life.

Ellie G. ~Ophir, CO

Living in the mountains wrecks havoc on my skin and RICH™ Whole Body saves it. The tallow base and edible quality gives me peace of mind. 

Melinda C., Lake Tahoe, CA

PLUMP™ Facial Cream Stick  is perfect. I use it on my face and neck. It nourishes my skin and gives it a healthy glow. I have one at home and carry one in my purse. 

Susan M.~ Reno, NV

I use BUZZ™ Wax Shield on my chronically chapped lips and have seen such a dramatic difference! I highly recommend it! 

Christina K.~ WA

Within two days of using SPLENDOR™ Face Oil/Face Cleanser on little bumps on my face they were gone! I cannot even explain it except to say it is created perfectly for skin nurturing! 

Ann W. ~ TX

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