The Skin-Gut Connection

“If you focus your work in the kitchen on maintaining gut health and compliment it with food grade beauty, your skin will reflect the inner you which is- Radiant.” – Molly Jean, Founder of LoveStock™

Our internal and external health stems from the condition of the gut. In our family, we learned that the hard way. Going gluten free was of course pivotal for our celiac-loaded genes but supplying nourishing traditional foods changed everything! We incorporated new foods like bone broths, raw dairy, and fermented foods. We started cooking our food with animal fats and supplementing with cod liver oil; that’s when we started thriving both internally and externally; baby, child, adult and seniors alike. 

Skin undoubtedly reflects our gut health.

Skin inflammation and the appearance of the skin can be sourced to the delicate balance of gut microflora and the integrity of the intestinal walls. Watch this video for more details.

If the gut is strong and supported with a healthy lifestyle, then your health will follow suit. In the meantime, have fun playing around in the kitchen! Ask yourself, how can I incorporate a maximum amount of greens, well-sourced proteins and resistant starches? Make a meal plan and start this week.  

Healthy Gut>>>>Healthy Life>>>>Healthy Glowing Skin

Our skin has a story to tell. How can you better care for your skin from the inside-out? From what you eat to Everyday Food for Skin & Rituals.

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