Why UNrefined Ingredients in Skin Care Matter

ALL of our ingredients at LoveStock Dermacare are UNrefined. The refining process STRIPS out the proteins that trigger a PROTECTIVE immune response; the denatured ingredient (in other skin care) is often what causes a skin reaction (e.g. eczema, rash, irritation). Typical extraction, refining, includes bleaching and deodorizing with crude oil which pollutes the ingredient itself, often with the very caustic chemical- hexane.

Gentle extraction of an oil (e.g. tamanu oil) or earth butter (e.g. cupuacu butter) is done by cold pressing or expeller pressing which maintains the nutritional content, aroma, texture, and color. Combining unrefined ingredients into unique LoveStock™ products yields an authentic high-nutrient, fresh fatty-acid, lick-able skin healing heaven. Many unrefined ingredients, you can consume and not get sick (e.g. raspberry oil)! That same ingredient, in its refined form, is actually harmful for consumption because it becomes rancid with polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Unfortunately the FDA cosmetic labeling requirements do not require indicating whether the ingredient is refined or unrefined. MOST cosmetics have refined ingredients to ensure a long shelf life and to ensure the ability to make large batches. Not here at LoveStock™! 

Every small batch of beauty makes 10-15 products and it takes all day long. We do not rush the delicate process of melting and combining precious botanicals. Gentle heating is the name of the game. We even add a little mantra humming to the mix to pass the time wisely. 

Thought to Download

When a product has refined, stripped ingredients, you are more likely to get a rash. Period.

Side note on The Root of Skin Inflammation

Our tallow is unrefined, extracted by gentle heating and straining. It ALSO has a natural ratio of 1:1 Omega 3:6. This ratio is ideal for further supporting the immune response of skin. What does that mean? It protects so you don't react to it and lets the tallow get to work- healing and repairing.


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