Support for Your Wild Life

“We provide skin care warriors with Everyday Food for Skin & Rituals that fortify the skin barrier from assaults and build their best skin ever with nourishing lipid and botanical superingredients.” -Molly Jean, Founder of LoveStock™

There is something about the landscape here
In the mountains of Lake Tahoe
where you just want to be outside,
all the time.
Anybody’s wild life needs “next-level” support for skin.
Here at LoveStock Derma Care - We provide products for skin care warriors.

And by skin care warriors I mean everyone from intrepid natural beauty seekers to those suffering from problem skin. We provide
Everyday Food for Skin
Our approach has always been: ONLY ON SKIN WHAT YOU WOULD EAT.
What we sell here is organic. food grade. small batch. beauty.
That means no harsh fillers, no preservatives, no refined ingredients, no gluten, nuts or soy or common things that could trigger an immune response. Every ingredient is in its raw, unrefined, most nutrient dense form. So it speaks directly to the skin. Just like the food you eat.
And the products are packaged in a recyclable tin, glass, or tube, with a gorgeous compostable label. Our commitment to the planet and clean beauty is present in every step we take.
Oh and Rituals
Our collections are built to be used together throughout the day- in the morning, on the go, and at night. And these rituals
fortify the skin barrier against assaults
Our skin is our first defense…You want to face the day with vital moisture intact, ready to combat the elements of climate and pollution. At LoveStock we fortify the skin barrier with exactly what the skin barrier is made of- sebum. Its that oily waxy substance that locks in moisture and keep the skin elastic. The closest thing in nature to sebum is tallow. Sebum in latin, in fact, is defined, as Tallow.
If your skin barrier is damaged, you will struggle with your skin. Think
premature wrinkles, dryness, sun damage, even infection.Of course everyone wants to avoid these blights and get on with building their
best skin ever
I love love love when LoveStockers have their ah-ha moment and see that glow or smooth skin for the first time. I’ve always believed that a natural look is the most beautiful and LoveStock has a way of letting the authentic-self shine through with minimal make-up and simply
with its nourishing lipid and botanical superingredients.
We are talking nature’s natural weapons. The superior nutrient content of tallow from our karmic cows is because they graze in pure sunlight on fresh meadow grass. They are 100% certified organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. That is why we call LoveStock- a beauty secret rooted in meadow grass. We also use botanical butters and oils with high nutrition and unique fatty acids. No corners were cut in formulating each of the products. Actually, they are not just products,they are powers, built to transform you skin. And most likely what your skin care routine is yearning for.

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