What's With Tallow for Skin? Answered

"Tallow: a beauty secret rooted in meadow grass." -Molly Jean, Founder of LoveStock™

Tallow is rendered animal fat. It is a beautiful golden oil which has many traditional uses from cooking and candle making to healing weathered, irritated skin. Our fat is sourced from ORGANIC 100% grass-fed, pastured-raised cows. The cows' clean diet gives our tallow its maximum nutrient content. Our cows are KARMIC! They are raised free from anti-biotics and hormones and are humanely treated (Animal Welfare Approved, AWA papers available).

Tallow is a "throwback" skin care tool. Tallow has a history of use on skin from ancient Egyptians, Native Americans, to the United States Army. Tallow’s fatty acid profile of 70-80% saturated fat is similar to that of human skin sebum. Sebum is an oily, waxy lipid (fat) that lubricates and waterproofs our skin- in fact, the latin word 'sebum' means 'tallow!'

Tallow is readily absorbed by the skin because it is literally recognized as food.

Commercial skin care ingredients replace your skin's natural oils leaving you with the illusion of moisture replenishment. Tallow does the opposite... 

Tallow is unparalleled in its ability to nourish and heal skin because it has:

  • vitamins A, D, E, K, & B12 - this combo is found naturally ONLY in animals grazing on grass in pure sunlight
  • conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has anti-cancer (WOW, right?!) and anti-inflammatory properties 
  • palmitoleic acid which has anti-microbial properties (fights imbalances- think acne!)
  • omega 3 & 6 & 7& 9 which plump the skin
  • stearic fatty acid that penetrates and lubricates and supports a healthy immune response topically

 Tallow Helps Soothe:

  • inflammation- eczema (infant to adult), dermatitis, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, rosacea, rashes, poison oak/ivy, acne
  • chicken skin (e.g. back of arms)
  • stretch marks, cellulite, loose skin
  • dry, chapped, calloused, cracked, flaky, sun-damaged skin, and wrinkled skin
  • diaper rash, cradle cap, baby acne
  • nail/cuticle trouble, calloused feet
  • sunburns
  • scars  

At LoveStock Dermacare, we formulate most of our products (6 of the 9) to have a tallow-base which means that tallow constitutes between 30%-80% of the product's ingredients. The tallow element is what your skin care routine is yearning for. 

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