PROOF™ Skin Ailments

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Soothing * Anti-Inflammatory * No Added Scent 

Versatile: irritated or flared-up skin


LOVESTOCK™'s first product, so effective (when nothing else seemed to work) we just had to share!

Calms skin inflammation with the natural properties of tallow: vitamins (A, D, E, and K) and nourishing fatty acids (conjugated linoleic; palmitoleic); while castor oil penetrates deeply into the skin layers and draws healing circulation to the area and clears toxins. PROOF™ provides a protective barrier that relates directly to your skin’s oil secretions (balances sebum). Rendered Relief for Skin Ailments on the whole family!


Tallow* from 100% Grass-Fed Cows, Ricinus communis*(Castor) Seed Oil

*Certified Organic 

How to use

Warm a quarter-sized amount in the palm then press onto the problem area, preferably after bathing. To stabilize imbalances such as acne, use the Oil Cleansing Method: massage onto face and neck, allow 1-2 minutes to absorb, then soak a washcloth in heated water, wring out and rest on face till it cools, then gently wipe clean. Apply a thin layer for protection. Use morning and night for best results. 

Mix with a loose probiotic or tea tree essential oil or powdered turmeric or crushed garlic to fight the toughest of inflammations (e.g. foot fungus, cuticle infection). 


Sustainable Beauty Packaging 
Recycle the box and tin. Compost the label.