Let's Talk Omegas for Skin!

Tallow has it ALL! Not many things in nature contain all the omega fatty acids that are necessary for healthy looking skin. You often hear cosmetic lines boasting about alpha-linoleic or linoleic acids which are the chemical names for Omega 3:6 respectively. But none can say their Omega 3:6 ratio is 1:1 unless it's from an animal fat! Here is why that ratio is important for skin and other noteworthy roles of omegas that are naturally present in 100% grass fed certified organic tallow. 

Omega 3 & 6, alpha-linoleic & linoleic acid in tallow has a 1:1 ratio, which is ideal for supporting the immune response of skin. What does that mean?! Well, it provides a protective immune response so you do NOT REACT to it. If the ratio is not 1:1 OR if the fatty acid is refined (boo, hiss), which means the proteins are denatured, you are more likely to get a reaction such as a rash or itchy spot.

Omega 3 & 6 are essential fatty acids (EFAs) because the body requires them but cannot synthesize them. Another reason to focus on them for skin! 

Omega 9, Oleic Acid, naturally occurs in TALLOW and is swift at penetrating to the deeper layers of skin providing softness and hydration. 

Omega 7's chemistry name is Palmitoleic Acid and is the most basic element found in skin sebum. Healthy skin secretes sebum, a fat, that lubricates and protects the skin and helps repair damaged skin. Omega 7's production in sebum decreases with age and leads to aging skin. The best way to age gracefully (not expedite it) is to supplement it topically with Omega 7. Use of LoveStock Derma-care products replace that ever-declining Omega 7. 

TALLOW is the easiest and best source of Omega-7 for skin. And yes, that's the prime reason it's so effective at reconstituting the structural integrity of skin. Plant sources of omega 7 are rare, but are present in sea buckthorn and tamanu oil, which are included in LoveStock™'s SPLENDOR™ Face Oil/Cleanser, PLUMP™ Facial Cream Stick, SUPREME™ Facial Cream, and CHUBB™ Face and Beard Stick. Palmitoleic acid is the holy grail to healthy youthful skin! 

Give your skin the boost it needs with ALL the skin-loving OMEGAS and Vitamins A D E K. These elements can ONLY be found in tallow. Healing followed by skin vibrance is what to expect from LoveStock™ Derma-care. 

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